Friday, 14 December 2012

Music Video: Rough Layout

0.00 – 0.21 :    A couple waking up and rushing around getting dressed, keys missing, very late for something… Driving in a car, arguments.

0.21 – 0.25 :    Long crane shot rising from the feet of the couple revealing the gig setting in front of them.

0.25 – 0.48 :    Performance shots of the band on stage with a very lively audience..
                       Close ups, long shots…
                        Interspersed with shots of the couple in the gig setting smiling and having fun

0.48 – 1.12 :    The couple at the riverside setting holding hands having fun, smiling laughing…

1.12 – 1.16 :    Couple running off into the distance along the river for the build up into the chorus.

1.16 – 1.42 :    More performance shots of the band without reusing the same shots.

1.42 – 1.58 :    Back to the couple, now arguing in a car on their way home and on their way into the house

1.58 – 2.23 :     the couple sat down on a sofa now relaxed and smiling watching tv…
                        Superimpose the two singers close up shots on top of the couple, only when they’re singing.

2.23 – 2.26 :    Build up to the chorus with their feet running up the stairs.. shot from the other side of the banister.

2.26 – 2.53 :    Chorus flips back to the performance shots in the gig space. Showing the crowd and the performance and persona of the band.

2.53 – 3.00 :    shot of the guitarist playing the solo on guitar.

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