Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Genre Research

Foo Fighters: The Pretender

This video immediately brings the element of live performance into the diagetic world. The establishing shot (seen left) first show a huge room with the instruments lying on the floor, abandoned. The mise-en-scene is very minimalistic however later on in the video this changes dramatically.

The editing is clearly motivated by the music and the sounds, this is clear use of synaesthesia, one of Goodwin's theories.

The live performance is the only element until 1.20, and then a collection of men start gathering together in a line dressed in riot uniforms. From the highly redundant start to this video it continues on to become rather entropic, adding elements like this, which is completely unexpected.

Close ups of the each member of the band are used throughout the video, especially the lead singer. This portrays the star persona and the image of the band. It always portrays the aggressive nature of a rock band. It also shows the audience what this band would be like to see live, and through their music video they can portray the the atmosphere and logistics of a live performance.

Later in the video paint and water is blasted into the big warehouse, as the men in riot gear charge towards the band, who are still playing. This element of chaos really adds to the music video, it is one feature that runs throughout rock videos. Also the rebelliousness of the paint, making a mess and going against the rules... All contribute to the genre characteristics of a rock music video.

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