Monday, 19 November 2012

Print Work: The Concept

For the print work I want to use redundant elements to keep the bands star persona. But from my research, all three digipacks I looked at used more of an entropic element, with different random objects. For the front of the album cover I want to use the band standing in a line slightly staggered in a completely dark room with one light to the side of them or above or below with a rather Chiaroscuro look like the photo seem below.

In this photo, I like the fact that the eyes are completely in shadow it really detaches the the audience from the person and adds an element of mystery to the whole image.

The image on the left shows more of the rocky element head banging and screaming.

For the rest of the digipack I would like to keep the same sort of style and maybe have more extreme close ups of the eyes/mouth...

For the CD inlay tray i would like to use a fish-eye lens shot of a person sticking their tongue out as it relates to the band name 'This Wicked Tongue'

For the outside back cover a would like to have the reverse of the main cover, so you can see the back of the bands heads.

I think this whole idea will be rather redundant for the audience however the use of light and shadows will add an entropic feeling and add an element of mystery to the digipack.

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